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Define structure

Define structure

In this part of the course we're going to create a -simple- webpage. We're going to devide the process of creating a website in several steps;

  1. Define structure
  2. Build structure
  3. Styling
At more complicated websites this is different; though: for the learning-process this should do the trick. In this example the HTML structure looks like this;

HTML structure

In the image above we can see that the website is defined like this;
  • 1 "section / block" which is the header (a header is a block which holds the head of the website. For example we can place a logo or slogan here.)
  • 1 "section / block" which is going to represent the (main) menu
  • 1 "section / block" which is the content-section (a section where the actual information and images will be)

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