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Converting your HTML and CSS to a great looking website

Converting plain HTML and CSS to a good looking website

In all the previous examples the one thing we did is creating HTML code and styling it with CSS. Great! One thing though; the difference between a "real" website is huge!.

Thats explainable! Let me first start off by saying that designing a website is a complete different profession from "programming" one. As a webdeveloper it is important to know how the process of designing a website works. And; it's important to master some basic skills in design software such us Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

But note; it's important to remember that in most cases: a programmer is not a designer and a designer is not a programmer. If everybody is doing what they can do best, we get the best results!

Enough about that! You just learned about HTML and CSS. To convert "simple", plain HTML/CSS to a fine-looking webpage you need to use images. Anything new?! I hear you thinking. But applying background-images is a key-thing to create good looking websites.

In the following lesson we're going to discuss basic usage in Adobe Photoshop.
After that we're going to learn howto convert a "drawn" design to actual HTML and CSS code.

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