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Available css lessons

  • IntroductionIntroduction Youtube logo

    With CSS we can style HTML elements. Think about colores, font's, dimensions and positions. See it like this; with CSS we can style the HTML page. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets

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  • Styling fontStyling font

    In CSS we can style e.g. text with properties. First; we need to give a HTML element a classname, so we can "find" the right HTML element in our CSS code. [code] .some-text { colo

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  • DimensionsDimensions

    In CSS we can specify dimensions with a couple of CSS properties. We're going to style a couple of DIV's (blocks) with CSS. [code] .yellow-block { width: 100px; height: 100px;

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  • Padding and marginPadding and margin

    Very often you want to push text a bit from the side. In the example (down here) we're gonna introduce two new properties; padding and margin. Both properties are ment for intendation

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  • CSS and floatCSS and float

    In CSS we're able to let elements float next to eachother. Herefor; we need the CSS float property. With the float property we can float HTML elements. The float property only applies

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  • Converting your HTML and CSS to a great looking websiteConverting your HTML and CSS to a great looking website

    In all the previous examples the one thing we did is creating HTML code and styling it with CSS. Great! One thing though; the difference between a "real" website is huge!. Thats explaina

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