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Howto install Apache on Windows

Howto install the Apache Webserver

This howto is written for Microsoft Windows

Installing the Apache webserver is very easy to do.

First; we need to download the Apache httpd server: Click here to download the Apache httpd installer.
If the link doesn't work anymore, the download page can be found here.

After you have opened the installer, a few details will be asked.

  1. Click next
  2. Choose I accept, click next
  3. For Network Domain, fill in: localhost
  4. For Server Name, fill in: localhost
  5. For Administrator's emailaddress, type your e-mailaddress in
  6. Choose for all users, on port 80
  7. Choose typical
  8. Click next
  9. Finish the installation

You might notice a new icon in the right corner (a feather), with this monitoring tool Apache can be stopped, started and restarted.

If you open up a new browser window and visit localhost, there should be a default Apache page (something like "It works").

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